Company Search Engine – use SalesSift the same way you use Google

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the SalesSift Company Search Engine.

This is a natural extension of the popular UK Accounts Search Engine released last month.

To use, simply select “UK Company Search Engine” from the “Use SalesSift” dropdown.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 17.28.07.png

This will take you to a basic search page. Just enter a key term, like “fraud detection”, for example, and apply the filters you require on company age and revenue.

SalesSift will then search across all UK company websites to identify those that mention your search term on their website.

Just like Google, you can use quotation marks (“) to search for entire phrases; or leave them out to search for words individually.

So “machine learning” would search for that entire phrase, whereas machine learning would search for instances where the two individual words machine and learning are on the same page.

Additionally, you can use the “-” sign before any word to exclude results that contain that word, for example:

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 17.33.10.png

This would search for the term “machine learning” but would not include companies that discuss consulting on their website.

To summarise, the Company Search Engine allows you to be even more targeted in your lead-sourcing to discover businesses operating in particular niches in a streamlined and efficient way.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch:

Company Search Engine – use SalesSift the same way you use Google

UK Company Accounts Search Engine

You may be aware that all UK companies have to publish their accounts. Typical accounts detail a company’s financials over the year and often a commentary on their business and operations.

Many of these accounts are published as scans of physical documents, making them unsearchable. However, there is an absolute wealth of information in there.

With SalesSift, now you can search through that.

Today we launch the UK Company Accounts Search Engine. It works just like Google, only for UK accounts. Want to find companies that are talking about foreign exchange exposure in their accounts? Just search for “foreign exchange exposure”.

Or maybe you need to find businesses talking about “medical benefits”? Simple.

Companies will be displayed in the same format as the other search methods on the SalesSift platform. Also included are links to the page within the original accounts where your search term is mentioned, and a cached text version of these accounts.

Before you search, you can apply filters on company revenue and age.

Want to test this functionality out? You can access this here.


UK Company Accounts Search Engine

Search by Keywords

A new piece of functionality that we are very excited to announce is the ability to search businesses based upon a handful of keywords that best describe them.

To use, navigate to the SalesSift homepage, select the “Search by Keywords” tab and begin to enter words one at a time that summarise the type of business you are searching for.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 15.45.07

The important thing to emphasise here is that you are not constrained to search within a rigid and static list of options (as is the problem with SIC codes to find businesses), but can use almost any word or words in the English language to describe your ideal business.

Our algorithm will then analyse the words you have entered, and compare these to the way a company describes themselves on their own website.

We are not simply looking for those words on a business website, but building an understanding of the perfect profile of organisation you are looking for.

As before, you can search for worldwide businesses, or narrow down to find UK-only results.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 15.52.44.png

Search by Keywords

SalesSift with a UK focus

Many of our current customers are UK-based, searching for UK leads.

Therefore, as of today, the SalesSift lead-recommendation platform now allows you to search for UK companies only, so you can focus on the British market.

In the search interface, simply set the toggle to “UK only”.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 15.26.34

Each organisation we recommend will then be a British company. And because every business recommended is UK-only, the data will be a lot richer in terms of revenue figures, key employees etc.

Through this UK-centric interface, you can now apply filters before you run your search, allowing you to narrow down by revenue or company age.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 15.26.20

Of course, our worldwide company recommendations still work in exactly the same way. All you have to do is set the toggle to “Worldwide”; rather than “UK only”.

SalesSift with a UK focus

Find Importing and Exporting Companies

We’ve spent some time working recently on a brand new tool on the SalesSift platform.

At SalesSift, we have profiled UK businesses based upon the products they import and export and wrapped this into a query-able platform to help you find the most targeted and relevant companies to focus on as part of your sales process.

Want to find businesses importing live horses into the UK and doing more than £10m in revenue? No problem.

Or maybe firework exporters less than 5 years old? SalesSift has you covered.

With information on the key decision makers, their company accounts, contact information etc, this is a salesperson’s dream!

Access the platform at

A picture is a thousand words, and a video is a thousand pictures, so enjoy a 5 minute demo of the new platform here:

Find Importing and Exporting Companies

SalesSift – winners at the Sales Innovation Expo

We’re delighted to announce that SalesSift was the winner of the Best Product Award at the Sales Innovation Expo awards last night! Our thanks go out to the show organisers and everyone who has supported us. We will continue to make this the best product that any salesperson has in their toolbox.

See more here:

SalesSift – winners at the Sales Innovation Expo