What do your next 100 customers look like?

The age old question for everyone in sales:

Where am I going to find the next “x” customers, so that I can hit target “y”?

We’ve been very aware of this as we have developed the LeadFinch feature-set so far and our objective has always been to improve the entire sales process for sales teams.

When you think about it, in all likelihood, your next few customers are going to look very similar to your current ones. That is why today we are pleased to launch the LeadFinch lead recommendation platform, accessible at:


Simply enter the URL of your “ideal” company. This would normally be one that fits the profile of the perfect business you’d like to reach out to.

Our machine-learning algorithm will then search across millions of other companies to find and recommend ones that are similar.

We’re continually growing our dataset and improving our algorithm, so the results are guaranteed to improve over time!

It works just like a search engine for salespeople, so that you can quickly and efficiently generate a list of your next 100 potential customers.

We’re exceptionally open to feedback. Please do get in touch via info@leadfinch.com with any comments or suggestions!

What do your next 100 customers look like?

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