Why we are different.

LeadFinch is an intelligent lead-recommendation platform.

There are hundreds of traditional B2B data providers out there, promising to provide the best, latest and most up-to-date lead generation data.

So why would you choose us?


1. We are not a traditional list provider

Every search on LeadFinch will, for the most part, return completely different results for every user. We recommend and suggest the most relevant organisations for you to do business with; rather than returning a list of 10,000 that are only vaguely relevant.

Static list providers share the same lists with countless others; meaning these leads will have already been contacted several dozen times in the last month by other service providers.


2. Our data source is the entire web

By dealing with such enormous quantities of data, we unearth great leads that you may never have even heard of. Those hard-to-find SMEs are where LeadFinch flourishes.

Most traditional data providers rely on a single source, like Companies House, which can be limiting; or human-curated sources generated by searching Google.

We’ve automatically profiled millions of companies by analysing the content of the entire web; giving us a unique insight into the profiles of organisations.

And because we don’t prioritise our results based upon search engine ranking, we return the most valid and appropriate leads that you won’t find elsewhere.

This results in more relevancy, less wasted time, and a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.


3. We are a technology company

After our customers, our technology is our biggest priority. We’ve created a powerful algorithm that, put simply, just works.

We don’t force you to rigidly enter search criteria into a static database.

Our machine-learning algorithm is able to understand the nuances of individual organisations that strict filters cannot even hope to achieve.

Just enter the web address of an existing client and LeadFinch will find other companies that look just like them.


4. We’re flexible

Anyone can come and test out our platform, instantly. We don’t ask for year-long contracts and don’t require a long setup process to get you started. In fact, you can try the platform out right now at leadfinch.com

Why we are different.

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