UK Company Accounts Search Engine

You may be aware that all UK companies have to publish their accounts. Typical accounts detail a company’s financials over the year and often a commentary on their business and operations.

Many of these accounts are published as scans of physical documents, making them unsearchable. However, there is an absolute wealth of information in there.

With SalesSift, now you can search through that.

Today we launch the UK Company Accounts Search Engine. It works just like Google, only for UK accounts. Want to find companies that are talking about foreign exchange exposure in their accounts? Just search for “foreign exchange exposure”.

Or maybe you need to find businesses talking about “medical benefits”? Simple.

Companies will be displayed in the same format as the other search methods on the SalesSift platform. Also included are links to the page within the original accounts where your search term is mentioned, and a cached text version of these accounts.

Before you search, you can apply filters on company revenue and age.

Want to test this functionality out? You can access this here.


UK Company Accounts Search Engine

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